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Poco Pups is a story-based NFT project that takes you on an exciting adventure with 10,000 Chihuahuas, Terriers, and Pugs. These adorable pups were once part of a government lab in the desert, but they managed to break free and start a new life in an abandoned Mexican village. As you collect these unique NFTs, you'll be able to follow their journey and discover the secrets of their past as they build a new future together.

Join the Poco Pups community and be a part of this heartwarming tale of friendship, freedom, and determination

Three Pups each with 125+ unique traits

Chihuahua attributes


Pug attributes


Terrier attributes






Sale of 10k unique and intriguing little pups ready for some mischief.

Holder Perks

Social banners, private channels and other holders only perks.


Bring on the merch! We have some surprises in the works.

Animated Film

A short that will bring the Poco Pups to life and tell their story.

Holder NFT Claim

Secondary collection to expand on the pups world and story.

The Game

Poco Pups the game


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Romy is a digital media artist and filmmaker exploring the possibilities of AI in storytelling and NFTs. Romy's has produced, directed and edited numerous short films, music videos and crowdfunding videos. His work has been seen on television (StarzTV, PBS) and at film festivals around the world. Romy is Co-Founder and Creative Director at NFTY Studios. Romy has worked with clients including: Autodesk, Microsoft, Disney, Compass and has successfully delivered on dozens of digital media projects over the past 20+ years.
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Nick is an experienced software engineer and designer with a versatile background that spans two decades and covers a wide range of industries, including web3, finance, real estate, bio-tech, and healthcare. In addition to being co-founder at NFTY studios, Nick is also focusing his efforts on the areas of web3, tokenization of the physical world and defi. Nick is also a passionate gamer who is eagerly looking forward to delving deeper into the world of web3 gaming and other immersive projects.